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Meet the Team

Barbara Burgess

Barbara is a skilled Management Development and Training practitioner with over 20 years experience of working alongside clients as both a consultant and an in-house company training manager. She has worked with clients to help them to achieve performance improvement at individual, team and organisational levels, through training needs analysis, designing and leading learning activities, facilitating focused workshops and providing one-to-one support sessions and coaching. Barbara is qualified in the use a variety of profiling instruments which help individuals with their personal development & teams to undertake significant change more effectively. She also has vast experience of designing, running and facilitating development programmes and large scale Corporate team events. Additionally, Barbara is a qualified Outdoor Pursuits Instructor and offers a variety of outdoor activities to both individuals and teams.

Gerard Burgess

Gerard is a communications professional with a wide range of corporate communications and media management experience, gained in a fast-changing commercial environment with a high public profile. He is an effective communicator with established credible relationships at all levels throughout organisations, as well as externally with stakeholders and the media. He has designed and delivered company Communications Plans including the PR and marketing support. Also, he has managed stakeholder communications, advised and supported senior managers, enhanced company reputations whilst gaining support from key stakeholders and creating advocates throughout the process. He has also worked with companies to identify management training needs, facilitate training programmes and design, deliver and evaluate training packages to National training standards, alongside arranging assessment and development centres.

Ursula Denton

Ursula is an experienced finance professional with over 15 years experience of working as a senior executive within the public sector. She has led both the strategic direction of organisations and managed the day to day financial processes of large multi-million pound organisations. With a strong drive to succeed, she has led and managed large cultural change programmes within this sector. She is a qualified executive coach and mentor and has worked extensively with senior executives, assisting them to make the required changes to improve their daily working practices. She is a perceptive and challenging coach with a strong focus on the goals of her clients, working in a non-judgemental and perceptive way, utilising a variety of coaching tools enabling them to find their own positive outcomes and solutions.

Rob Pugh

Rob is an effective development trainer with over 20 years experience of providing opportunities for individuals and teams to achieve positive results during focused training programmes. He has worked with many organisations, from small cottage industries to major international businesses, and has helped them to achieve their learning, development and business objectives. Rob delivers a wide variety of development programmes and has a preference for practical experiential learning. His specialisms include team working, leadership and motivation, presentation and communications skills, problem solving, managing meetings and change management. Rob is also a qualified Outdoor Pursuits Instructor and offers a variety of outdoor activities to individuals and teams.

Garry Lucas

Garry is an experienced and skilled training consultant specialising in personal, management and leadership development. He also has experience in providing support to those involved in fostering and adoption. Garry's experience includes leadership and team development, 1:1 coaching and consultancy. His industry experience includes holding senior positions with Cable & Wireless, Marconi & GEC as well as in charities, transport, utilities, automotive, leisure, health and pharmaceuticals, national and local government, education and the finance sectors. He has significant experience helping teams to develop their effectiveness, including facilitating one-off team development events using the MBTI, the outdoors, large-scale team events and project team launch events.

Chris Lambah

Chris has been a trusted and successful leadership and sales consultant, for 20 years, to British and international blue chip companies. He specialises in executive coaching, leadership development and helping clients to boost profits through better sales technique. Chris is passionate about the development of human potential and has worked as a coach and a training consultant, designing and delivering high quality solutions for managers and leaders from a wide range of organisational backgrounds. Using his extensive sales experience, he has developed the skills of many presales and account management teams using a variety of tools and models, particularly focussing on complex selling and challenger sale.

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